Best Gift for Daughter Going to University

It’s a day everyone dreads but needs to happen eventually.

Your daughter is going off to university and now it’s time for you to give her a little parenting advice and a gift she can cherish.  

It’s normal for the parents to have concerns about the daughter’s safety, her academics, and what she might be up to.

In this article, we will discuss what would be the best gift parents can give to their daughter going to university.  

What Should I Give My Daughter Going to University?

University is an exciting time in a person’s life. However, it can be stressful as well.

If you’re planning to send your child to school, you might want to consider giving them some advice. The article below explains how parents should handle this situation.

When your kid goes off to college, they will have to deal with many new challenges.

You need to make sure that you prepare them for these changes. This means helping them get ready for their first day of classes.

You can start by telling them what they’ll learn at university.

Then, you can help them find a good dorm room and tell them where they can find food.

Finally, you can introduce them to all of the people who are going to be important to them.

Once your daughter has been accepted into the university, you’ll also need to think about what kind of gifts you’ll give her. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. A Lightweight Backpack That Fits Almost Everything She Needs
  2. The Best Jogging Pants For Her New Lifestyle
  3. The Tech Gift She’ll Actually Use Everyday
  4. The Perfect Jacket for All of Her Cool Classes
  5. A Set of Recipes to Try Out with Friends in Her Dorm
  6. Books She’ll Actually Read This Year- They’ll Make Great Conversation Topics With Her Roommates!
  7. A Journal for All of the Thoughts and Ideas That Won’t Fit on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Why Self Defense Keychain is The Best Gift For Daughter Going To University

Gift for Daughter Going to University

 For a lot of girls, being alone is not a comfortable choice.

It’s not uncommon for them to get scared when they have to do things on their own, or even worse when they don’t know what to do.

Self-defense keychains are small and lightweight tools that can be carried easily by your daughter at all times.

It is a very practical tool to have on hand in case of an attack.

This section of the article talks about the need for self-defense keychains for your daughter and why it is important to invest in one.

Before proceeding further, it’s important to mention that Self-defense is not about killing people or causing physical damage to them.

It is about being able to protect yourself from those who would harm you.

Key Features:

Practical Design Wristlet Keychain Set

With the unique design of the wristlet, The keychain set is not only practical but also makes your daughter feel like she’s carrying a beautiful ornament.

The wristlet keychains are a handy and lightweight tool that can be attached to her bag, backpack, handbag, purse, or anywhere she likes.

The wristlet keychains are made from a durable and compact design, so they are both convenient and practical to carry.

The Personal Safety Alarm

The keychain comes with a personal emergency alarm.

The personal emergency alarm is a must-have for any woman, especially when she goes out alone.

The personal alarm has a high-pitched piercing sound (of 130dB volume) that will scare away any unwanted advances. 

In case of a potential attack, your daughter just needs to pull out the small handy plug and the personal alarm makes a super loud sound to draw attention even at distances as far as 600 ft.

The built-in LED light is a plus for any emergency use in the dark. Suitable for night running, walking dog, traveling, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities

Cute Pom Pom

The super soft and fluffy fur pom pom is made with faux rabbit fur, approx. 2.75 inch / 8 cm in diameter.

This cute faux rabbit fur pom pom adds a fabulous addition to the keychain set.

Chapstick Holder 

Hey, here’s a great idea- giving your keychain a little makeover with lipstick!

Not only will it make it easier to find them when they accidentally lose them, but there’s also the added bonus of making them irresistible to girls!

The use of neoprene materials makes the lip balm holder and lanyard wristlet kit light, durable, and very comfortable to use.

Hand Sanitizer Holder 

Clean hands are important for your daughter’s health and the health of those around her.

A recent study found that 1 in 3 people carries a virus on their hands.

The study also found that the average person touches their face at least 18 times or more than 50 times per hour.

The Sanitizer holder becomes very handy in these situations. 

Truly Hand Free

The bottle opener can be used for multiple activities as shown in the below image. 

Military Grade Tactical Pen, Emergency Glass Breaker Pen

The keychain contains a Military Tactical Pen.

The tactical pen cap is made of tungsten steel and the pen body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum which has excellent strength and portability.

Useful for breaking windows to escape in an emergency.

A Great Gift for a Daughter Going to University

A self-defense keychain can help equip your daughter with the necessary tools for when she goes out.

It can teach her how to defend herself and potentially prevent any attackers in the first place.

Your daughter can take apart each tool and then put them back together again depending on the preferences, cuteness, and function of each tool.

6 Reasons Why Your Daughter Would love a Self-Defense Keychain 

Self-defense tools are a necessity in today’s world.

With the number of sexual assaults and robberies increasing, it is important for your daughter to have some form of protection.

1) A self-defence keychain can make your daughter feel safer.

2) It will also give her confidence by arming her with a set of safety tools equipped with the keychain that she knows how to use.

3) It will give her an opportunity to defend herself if she needs to.

4) It will allow her to escape from an attacker and get help quickly.

5) It will allow her to fight back when attacked by someone who is bigger or stronger than she is.

6) She may never need it, but it is better to be safe than sorry

How Safe are Campuses Across America?

Campus safety is a major concern for students attending college, specifically girls students.

With so much going on on campus, students need to know that they are safe and that others are too.

According to the National Study on Campus Safety, which was conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, over 80 percent of students reported feeling unsafe on their college campuses.

A large majority of students also said they felt unsafe because of alcohol use.

This study found that the most common places where students feel unsafe include:

“at parties, in bars, and while driving/riding home.”

The study also found that almost half of the students surveyed said that they had been sexually assaulted.

The study found that “more than half of female students reported being victims of unwanted sexual activity while more than one-third of male students reported being victims of unwanted sexual activity.

Why Self Defence is Important for your Daughter at University & How to Make Sure She Has It 

The idea that women should be educated and have a career is nothing new.

However, it is often the case that they are not properly equipped to deal with the challenges they will face.

This section will explore why you should not let your daughter go to university without properly equipping them with the necessary personal skills, and how you can do this.

Learning new self-defense techniques requires time and dedication and the most important thing is Interest.

Most girls are not interested in learning those self-defense skills but even if they are interested, there is no guarantee they will be able to apply them in a real-life situation.

Many people don’t realize how dangerous some of the situations they face at university can be.

She may not be in danger of being physically assaulted, but she can still be exposed to situations that could put her in harm’s way.

Whether it’s being approached by a stranger or being in a situation where she feels unsafe, the self-defense keychain is a very practical tool to have on hand in case of an attack and to stay safe.

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